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Traditional EPOS Systems versus Cloud EPOS Systems

choosing the right system for your business

Choosing the right system for your business

If you’re looking to start a retail or hospitality business or have an old till system and are looking at the options of selecting an electronic point of sale system (EPOS), you will be faced with numerous decisions. Not only are there countless brands to choose from, but you will also need to decide between using a traditional Windows based or a cloud based EPOS solution.

It’s important to understand the difference between the two systems as you ultimately want to choose which one makes most sense for your business and your budget. Even though cloud based EPOS systems have been around for quite a few years, many businesses including those who went with a cloud based EPOS system are choosing a traditional EPOS system because they offer consumers a sense of security and familiarity

At BRS Epos, we understand that selecting the right brand and right type of EPOS can be a difficult choice with no easy decision of what to go for. We make this decision easier by giving our free independent consultation process so we can choose the right type and brand that works for your business.

Universal POS

Software & Hardware

Traditional EPOS systems are mostly Windows based, with the database stored locally on either a back office PC or on a till. Cloud based EPOS systems usually use an Android based system, with the database on a server across the internet, so a reliable 5-10Mb line speed needs to be active at all times. A loss of functionality can occur if there is a loss of connection to the internet.

Both systems normally use a touch screen terminal at a fixed location, however due to improved technology, there has been an upshift in the use of mobile terminals to support the main pos terminal or to act as the primary device for taking orders (such as a catering outlet at an exhibition)

Traditional EPOS

Installation & Support

At BRS Epos, we pride ourselves on our customer service where nearly all of our customers choose our dedicated Setup and Installation service which covers the full setup of the menu or retail items for the business, as well as full installation. It also includes 3 months of free unlimited 24/7 remote support. Traditional EPOS systems must be setup prior to installation, which we discuss with you, to ensure that when it goes live, it will work to your requirements. The setup of the cloud system is done in a similar way, except the menu and items is uploaded to the cloud database. The data is sent to the new terminals when they are installed for the first time.

All customers receive the same level of support as we believe you shouldn’t be charged a premium because your business does not operate during Monday to Friday office hours. Every customer receives the same remote 24/7 support. While we offer phone, email or ticketing support, our most popular support is delivered to the team via WhatsApp. Unlike a lot of our competitors we offer advanced remote software remote support for both Android cloud and traditional Windows.

Register Cloud EPOS

Storage and Redundancy

Traditional Windows based EPOS systems require the database to be installed locally on one of the EPOS terminals for a small business or a server/PC in the back office for larger businesses. This is very helpful if the internet connection is lost, your files and data is still easily accessible, though you must ensure the database is replicated to ensure that it is not lost in the event of a hard drive failure.

Cloud based EPOS systems hold all their data on remote cloud servers. These can only be accessed through the internet. No internet equals a lack of or no functionality of your till. Some newer cloud systems have their own small database with an offline mode so if the internet connection is lost, you can still operate the till.

Though with modern affordable mobile broadband devices available, having a backup using 4G rather than traditional copper or even fibre internet, gives you peace of mind that in the event of an outage you can be back up and running in a matter of minutes.

BRS Sunmi


At BRS Epos, we look at how your business operates so we can choose what we feel would work best for you, though ultimately the decision is yours. The above guide gives you a better understanding of what each type of EPOS systems gives you. If you want security and know that the system will be yours to own, then a traditional EPOS system will give you these benefits.

If you run a fast paced café/restaurant with a reliable internet connection, then our BRS Epos solution can give you an excellent easy to use solution with kitchen screens, printers, online app and much more.

We now offer a Hybrid Cloud between the two, where you have the stability of a traditional EPOS system, that is cloud based and works offline, which is perfect if you sell at exhibitions or markets and need a solution that is affordable, yet robust. All of these work with an integrated card payment device so no need to display that ‘Cash Only’ sign.

If you are still unsure and you want to discuss this in more detail, then please call one of the team on 020 3411 5657.

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